From coast to vines to giants in ancient lands: come walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Gain a unique insight into one of the world’s oldest living scultures; see and touch the past; share Dreaming stories that bring the landscape to life; and connect with nature and the environment. We offer a range of tour options bound to match your needs and interests.

Take one of our Outbush Tours on Ngadjuri Country, the land between the coast and the Outback. We travel through the Mid North of South Australia, covering areas of the Clare Valley, Burra and Southern Flinders Ranges. Visit amazing national parks, the sites of the mighty megafauna, and view our history etched in stone at ancient engraving sites.

Explore beautiful Narungga Country on the Yorke Peninsula on one of our Coastal Tours. Visit Innes National Park, or walk along the beaches and cliff faces of an ancient shoreline. Our histories are embodied by the ochre quarries, stone tool sites and fish traps left by our ancestors; as well as our Dreaming stories, passed down from generation to generation. Visit the Aboriginal community of Point Pearce, previously an old mission established after European colonisation, and learn of our story of survival.

Or travel from the outbush to the coast on one of our multi-day Combination Tours. Sit around the fire and camp under the stars as we take you on a journey between Ngadjuri and Narungga Countries.