Arts and Culture

Dreaming and Stories

Dreaming stories to us is like what the bible is to Christians. It’s what we believe in and follow. The Dreaming stories show us the way; explain the past, present and future; explain our connection to the land and sea and the animals and plants that inhabit our country; and explain the meaning of life.

Quenten Agius, Owner and Tour Operator

On our tours, you will hear a number of Dreaming stories from our tour guides. Stories are more than the word suggests. They are lessons, histories and explanations of what has been, what is and what will be. The beauty of stories are in their complexity. Listen, think and take in your surroundings to really understand what the stories are trying to tell you.


Art is a way of telling our stories, expressing who we are, and celebrating out Country and life.


Ask us about the art available for sale from the Port Pearce community. Every purchase supports a local Aboriginal artist, and with it will come a certificate of authenticity.