Aboriginal heritage and culture is the heart, soul and spirit of this land. We walk together with our guests, in the footsteps of our ancestors, to share and connect with the past. Looking at the landscape through Aboriginal eyes gives our guests a completely different perspective of the land. Our aim is to take people on journey, to a place where they have never been to before. With each tour, our guests gain a wealth of knowledge about Aboriginal heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs.

Quenten agius, Owner and tour operator

Our tours promote respect for Aboriginal culture, heritage and traditions. We tread lightly on the land, having lived in harmony with our land since the creation. We ask that guests do the same, leaving our Country and heritage as you found them: pristine and beautiful. We look forward to guiding you across our Country, introducing you to our people, culture and traditions.


  • Quality Tourism accredited business (Australian Tourism Accreditation Program)
  • Ecotourism Australia certification
  • Respecting Our Culture (ROC) certification
  • Licensed commercial tour operator (National Parks South Australia)
  • 100% Aboriginal owned


  • South Australia Tourism Awards Winner (2010-2018)
  • Three times South Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame (2012, 2015, 2018)
  • 18 State and Regional Tourism Awards
  • Aboriginal Tourism Champion, Tourism Australia